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as is the monday usual, the gang turned up at ugly’s, our local dive bar. we have befriended the bartender and she let us thumb through her bartender’s bible last week. so this week was the result — we picked out strange drinks to try. i won’t lie; i feel like ass today. but then, we started off with a ‘black sabbath’ — a third bourbon, a third rum, a third jager. (honestly, it was good. just strong.)

but here is what was disappointing: the number of drinks that have terrible names. and the number of names for drinks that are not taken, at least according to her book.

so here is the challenge — let’s name some drinks. bonus points if you spell out what is in the drink.

here are a few names to get you started:

  • the superman
  • hammer time
  • vanilla ice
  • dr strangelove
  • dr strange
  • link’s awakening

i know you can do better — ive forgotten half of the ones from last night. so throw some comments up. let’s make some drinks for the common nerd.

10 thoughts on “drink names

  1. I occasionally have my moments with the drink naming. Mostly, because I like to make up drinks. I think the best party drink name thus far is the Red Baron…and yet, I cannot take credit for it.

  2. i’m not playing the comment game as asked, butt reading this i couldn’t help but think of my favorite drink in this vein. it is the “sex with dave whitley,” an atricious concoction at the leafe in williamsburg. i remember tobasco, sambucca, and something creamy like bailey’s.

    when offered, michelle wisely refused “sex with save whitley.” so, being wasted, i had “sex with dave whitley” twice.

    and then threw up.

    i miss that guy.

  3. heehee. i accidentally wrote “butt.” also “save” instead of “dave.” and i am not even drinking, i promise.

    maybe i should be.

  4. was that a freudian slip? is there a ‘butt sex with david whitley’ drink? did you ever try that one?

  5. the superman:
    1 part vodka
    1 part tequilla
    1 part cherry coke
    1 shot of 151
    a lime wedge

    some names:
    the horny toad
    tickle me elmo
    iron lung
    a cumguzzler
    a rancor monster
    the bitch hole
    the rainbow brite
    death by fucking
    queen for a day
    the angry samoan

    is that enough names?

  6. Back in 2000, my friends and I made a drink called “anal sex” (which, I admit, isn’t a very original name) while we were searching for something girly to drink. It’s sweet, but a bit sour and yet tastes oh so good:

    1 part Orange juice
    1 shot Bacardi Limon
    Splash of Grenadine

    Maybe it’s technically called something else – but it will always be an anal sex to me.

  7. ben —

    i knew you would come through on this one. in fact, we lamented you not being there that night. your name came up several times in regards to your ‘drink’ ‘making’ ‘abilities’.

    i’ve told you that i kept the little bottle of your ‘surprise drink’ (the one that didnt explode) after new years in 01 until we moved to mountain view, right? it lived with me the entire time i was in la and the only reason i didn’t move it up here is because rachael wouldn’t let me.

    and perhaps ill do my best to have a superman this monday.

  8. to defend myself, i didn’t allow the ‘drink’ to come with us because it was more than half evaporated already. i also wasn’t conviinced it wouldn’t burn through things if it opened up during the move.

    i believe that mike suggested the ‘vulvatini’.

    i’m also surprised that tripp didn’t mention that he also drank a ‘urinalysis’ which was whisky and peppermint schnapps. and he wonders why he felt sick- between a urinalysis, a black sabbath, a pabst, etc. its really no wonder.

  9. PLEASE let me go on the record for never attempting any kind of butt sex -or “butt sex”- with dave whitley.

  10. also, i’m going on record a year later to say that the bottle did move with us to mv. i found it a couple of weeks ago. and then put it back wherever i found it so i could be delighted again in a year or two.

    oh, memories.

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