‘puts me in a trance’

work moved offices. i am sitting at my new desk now. my commute is about 20 minutes shorter each direction now, which is lovely. i’m also working about 4 blocks from my sister now, which is also excellent, though i am unsure when we are having lunch.

my new space is nice, even if it’s a little too open. the ‘cubes’ are only waist-high and everyone is in a single room. noise carries. this will be the biggest problem. but at least i have desk drawers now. and i can the sky through the windows on one side of the room.

the weekend ended on an up note — fri and sat were wonderful (thanks to everyone in la who i got to spend what seemed like 5 minutes with). when i woke up on sunday, i felt tired and cranky and weepy. then i realized that friday and saturday had consisted of a single meal each day and staying up too late. so i ate and felt better.

i had to take my mac mini back in. it broke, i took it in. 5-7 days. which turned out to be 9. my motherboard failed. and then the replacement they got me was also bad. and then when i did get it home, there was no audio device recognized. luckily, it was a loose cable and only had to leave my hands for about 5 minutes.

so my sunday was spent setting it up again and playing more lego star wars 2. oh and watching movies:

so i saw ‘i’ll believe you’ on friday night. i was impressed with how simple, clever and cute this movie was. it felt a little unfinished though. if you need a family friendly movie that works, you could do a lot worse. b-.

saturday night, i wastched ‘vacancy.’ no one i know would have wanted to see this, but the beckinsale and the wilson in a horror movie was right up my alley. the opening credits* are awesome and i actually found the movie mildly frightening/suspenseful. the ending was a bit…silly. but otherwise, an enjoyable way to be worked up. bonus points for seeming a little hitchockian, even that was because of the credits and the fact that it takes place in a creepy motel. b+.

last night, r and i watched ‘breach.’ [gah, i posted this without finishing the review. and no one called me on it. anyway.] we watched ‘breach’ and i was a little disappointed. this is almost always what happens when you watch a movie ‘based on a true story.’ unless the story is extraordinary or deviated from seriously, the story is just going to be boring. and this was ‘breach’ — there was no character study of the man who committed treason. there was no huge cat-and-mouse game. and the movie opens by telling you the ending. the problem with that, of course, is that the viewer then demands an amazing journey to reach that (already spoiled) ending. and this movie didn’t do that. not bad, but could have been much more. c.