links, monday morning

Morning all! As usual, I have too many tabs open. Here’s some stuff I’ve been poking around:

  • Bi-sexuality in animals:

    What is more, homosexuality among some species, including penguins, appears to be far more common in captivity than in the wild. Captivity, scientists say, may bring out gay behaviors in part because of a scarcity of opposite-sex mates. In addition, an enclosed environment boosts an animal’s stress levels, leading to a greater urge to relieve the stress. Some of the same influences may encourage what some researchers call “situational homosexuality” in humans in same-sex settings such as prisons or sports teams.

  • Obama voted for the wiretap bill last week. This one hurt me a lot — I haven’t seen anything discussing what his defense is but it’s certainly questionable since Clinton voted against it and McCain didn’t vote.
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may fail. This is insane. I haven’t followed up over the weekend on this, unsure if things are looking better or worse this morning for them.
  • Ok, crap. Money issues, politics and now fires have destroyed 1/3 of the avocado crops in CA? One more thing to my growing list of “shit we are running out of”: oil, bees, bats, seafood, bananas, money, rice, corn and now avocados. It’s a wonder I’m sleeping at night still.
  • Good news though: Engineers at MIT have found a way to improve solar panels — at a 40x increase. Oh hell yes.
  • And Aubrey — this is up your way — literary tattoos.
  • And finally, an article on passenger trains in America. I ride a train every weekday now, have ridden from Washington DC to Montreal (back in 1994) and have the ‘oh, if only the high-speed train between Sac-town and LA existed already’ too often.

Hm. That’s a depressing set of links. How about an awesome set of E.T. cartoons to help balance it out? Wo doesn’t love E.T. and Soundwave sharing a slurpee?

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